We're giving curls to the girls! If you're looking for natural yet glamorous curly hair, then no need to look further, The Hair Collectives got you covered. Our raw Burmese curly hair is the most luxurious, softest and easy-to-manage curly hair bundles you'll find. For our dolls who want to add some excitement to their tropical holidays, our Burmese curly collection is a must-have.  

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Burmese Curly Hair Bundles - The Hair Collective Ltd

Burmese Curly Bundles

From £110.00 GBP
Get ready to add some bounce and volume to your look with our Burmese Curly Bundles! Made from 100% premium quality Burmese hair, these bundles are perfect for achieving those...
Burmese Curly 13x6 Frontals (Transparent) - The Hair Collective Ltd

Burmese Curly 13x6 Frontals

From £170.00 GBP
Ladies, it's time to get curly with our latest arrival - Burmese Curly 13x6 Frontals in a transparent and HD lace! This is not just your average frontal, it's a...
Burmese Curl Lace Closure- The Hair Collective Ltd

Burmese Curly 6x6 Closures

From £100.00 GBP
Get ready to fall in love with our Burmese curly 6x6 closure! Made with the finest quality hair, this closure is perfect for adding the finishing touch to your curly...