13x6 Coloured Frontal Wigs

£90.00 GBP


This Product does not involve any plucking or bleaching. We only provide a factory-made wig based on the specifications you pick above.   Please note our processing times for THC custom wigs are 21-32 working days. Click here for more information.

Please Note: 

Our Burgundy and Cajun-Ginger Spice wigs contain vibrant pigments that may have a tendency to transfer onto fabrics, clothing, or other surfaces. While we strive to provide long-lasting and bold colours, we want to ensure you are aware of this characteristic.

To minimize the potential for transfer, we recommend:

  1. Allow Sufficient Drying Time: Ensure your hair is thoroughly dry before coming into contact with fabrics.
  2. Avoid Light-Colored Fabrics: Darker or patterned clothing can help conceal any potential transfer.
  3. Use Protective Measures: Consider using a protective barrier, such as a towel or pillowcase cover, during sleep or extended periods of contact.
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With the correct Hair Care Routine and maintenance our bundles can last anywhere between 3-6 years.

See our full Hair Care routine for more information.

Shipping & Delivery times

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